Proposed pavilion extension

March 2016

The Parish Council is considering extending the Pavilion. It must be stressed that at this stage the plans are only provisional. The idea is to build a new double garage on the left-hand side of the Pavilion. This will provide much needed storage space for the Cricket Club and importantly provide secure storage for the many pieces of equipment that the Village communities use over the year. The old garage would then be converted to be an integral room to the Pavilion main hall and a separate boiler room. This will make the Pavilion a larger and more practical space for the villagers to use.

Click on the links below to see the plans: –

216-004-03-Loddington CC Scheme design drawing

216-004-04-Loddington CC Scheme design drawing

The Parish Council invites you to look at these plans and to come to the AGM on the 19th May where the idea can be discussed and any questions can be answered. Following that meeting, and only if there is support for the proposal, the Council will make a formal application to KBC for planning permission.

Funding for the extension will be by a combination of grants and monies raised in the village from fundraising events.